Our Story

In Skandino, we believe…

That every person needs help with eating in the early stages, and in the final meters of their life. We in Skandino believe that everyone has the right to an enjoyable and safe dining.

The Birth

The story of Skandino begins in 2014, when the company’s founder Emmi Lemmetty-Garcia became the mother of a little girl. As a new mom, Emmi realised how the baby world was filled with plastic. No other materials seemed to be available. This is how the idea of green baby products was born.

Emmi’s newborn baby grew into a little toddler. She was learning new skills and began learning to eat. As a specialist of linguistic accessibility Emmi became aware about a problems with the children’s spouted sippy cup. It turned out that many speech language pathologists worldwide no longer recommend the use of spouted sippy cups at all.

The door to the world of product development opened and Emmi entered. Together with speech language pathologists, occupational therapists and designers, a kids design cup was born that is safe to drink from, without fear of motor problems in the child’s mouth.

A product family, consisting of a design plate and a design spoon was born around the cup. Thanks to its design, the plate encourages and supports the child in independent eating. The spoon is designed to fit perfectly a tiny mouth and is an ergonomic fit for a tiny hand.

All products are designed with the infant’s development and need in mind.

The hard Work begins

Emmi didn’t want to bring any more plastic into the world. The feverish hunt for more sustainable alternatives began. The perfect material for the product was sought from home and abroad. Emmi burned money, time and energy to find the perfect material for her product. Emmi commissioned chemical testing with numerous biomaterials because she wanted to be sure of the purity of the material.

None of the ecological materials on the market met the chemical limits for infants products. All of them contained substances harmful to children, usually BPA, which left the national media and the state research institute VTT flabbergasted.

Eventually, Emmi was forced to give up and try to forget the whole project. She took her website down, burned her business cards and said goodbye to her partners. Emmi felt like she betrayed everyone, including herself. The journey into product development that started so well, had failed. Emmi had responded to her emails even when she was at a maternity ward with her newborn baby. Years of work was wasted.

The Hope awakes

Then a small, dim light appeared at the end of the tunnel. A Finnish-Swedish biomaterial manufacturer contacted Emmi again and stated that their material was pure, because possible contaminants would have been discovered in other tests. Emmi wondered if it would be worthwhile to give her project another go?

Emmi decided to try one more time. She dug into her savings, and sent test discs for final chemical testing.

On a rainy Friday, Emmi received an email with the results. Emmi opened the report and contrary to all expectations, the sample was CLEAN! No harmful chemicals had been found in the material.

A new Beginning

Four years had passed. Emmi finally had a clean material in her hands that was a fit for her innovative children’s design tableware. The material is made of 98% natural fibers, pinewood and sugar cane. Fossil raw materials have hardly been used at all. Its carbon footprint is very small, and it is very durable and machine washable. As a bonus, the material is extremely beautiful and feels hugely comfortable on the skin.

Finally, everything was ready for the journey towards enjoyable, ecological and above all safe dining! With child’s development and needs as a priority.

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We've put together a guidebook based on speech therapists' expertise:How to correctly support your child to self-feeding?

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We've put together a guidebook based on speech therapists' expertise:

How to correctly support your child to self-feeding?

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