Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Can I wash the Skandino's tableware in the dishwasher?

    Yes you can! All Skandino’s products are dishwasher safe.

  • What material are the products made of?

    All products are made from ecological biocomposite using 98% natural raw materials. Pinewood and sugar cane have been used in the material.

    Read more about the material here.

  • Is the material safe for children?

    Absolutely yes! The material has been carefully tested many times and it does not contain any harmful chemicals. The material is FREE of BPA, PVC, Phatalate and Melamin. It is 100% safe for children use.

  • Can I use the tableware in the microwave?

    Yes you can! All Skandino’s products are microwave safe.

    We recommend that the products be used filled with content in the microwave. The material contains natural fibers and therefore the tableware may deform slightly after use of the microwave without content. For this reason, we do not recommend the use of the microwave when the dish is empty.

  • For what age the tableware should be used?

    The Skandino’s tableware is designed for children aged 6-36 months. Once the child has learned to drink from the cup, the lid can be left out and continue to use the cup for years.

  • Can I cooperate with Skandino?

    Yes, absolutely! To read more about the Skandino Partnership Program and apply, head here.

  • When a child can start drinking from a cup?

    The child can start practising drinking from a cup at the same time as he starts tasting solid foods. A good time to start drinking from a cup is when the child is able to sit firmly. (The source in below.)

  • What kind of drink is good to have in a child's cup?

    In the early stages of learning the drinking liquid may be, for example, a fluid smoothie. The thicker the liquid is, the easier it is to handle in the mouth and it is included in the swallowing pattern. (The source in below.)
  • Does using a cup cause a lot of mess?

    There may be a bit of a mess in the beginning, but with consistent training, your child will learn to control a cup in just a few weeks. (The source in below.)

  • How and when was Skandino found?

    The story of Skandino begins in 2014, when the world of baby products was heavily focused around using plastic as a material. No other materials seemed to be available. This is how the idea of green baby products was born.

    The industry turned out to have more to fix than just the materials. Many speech language pathologists worldwide began to criticize traditional sippy cups because of oral-motor problems caused by them. This was another issue that Skandino wanted to address.

    Read the full story here!


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We've put together a guidebook based on speech therapists' expertise:

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